About Interior Design Zone -- it's Seriously fun!

Hi there!

My name is Mia Adams, I'm the founder of Interior Design Zone, and a longtime interior design professional. 

Over the years I've been inspired by some of the children of my clients who have shown me a genuine interest in interior design. It was their curiosity about the design process

and my nature to share that compelled me to create this very niche workshop for young people. 


To be clear IDZ is not a fantasy class in home furnishing consumerism, but rather a creative design "think tank". Teens will focus on design problem solving tasks, visualizing tips, techniques, and more.

I've assembled a very friendly, and supportive design team. Our group is made up of of various design professionals, educators, artist, craft teachers, and counselors!


I'm a kid at heart, and I expect that this will be my happiest contribution to a field that I really do love. 

So here's to unity, harmony, balance and an element of surprise!


Please call me if you have any questions. I can tell you more about the course outline. I'm looking forward to it!



Fairfield County's Only

Interior Design Immersion Program For Teens!

due to CoVID-19 Our Dates

Venue may Change,

Or Cancel, Please stay In Touch.