Week One

Opening of class day 1

Overview of what an interior designer does, and what makes good design. Slide show on power point of examples of design principles in decoration.

Day 1

We will focus on how to read a floor plan, use and read a professional measuring tape, measure the studio living room area.

Chalk or White Board Drawing to explain how to measure a room, and draw it up.  

outline a rough draft of room measurements on grid paper,


Day 2 

Learn about ergonomics

Next teens will learn about their particular hypothetical clients, their lifestyle, taste preferences, hobbies, interest, and program requirements.


If time permits furniture layout will follow. 


use magnet furniture for arrangements make copies


Overlay Trace and draw floor plan with furniture templates, 

Day 3


and then finally draw it on a computer program like Pottery Barn Teen.



Week Two

We will develop a furniture plan based on their client profile. This week we will discuss what a design concept is, and take a look at and talk about mood boards. Mood boards are helpful for developing an understanding of how the designer plans on expressing the clients ideas and preferences. 

We will look at some furniture design styles, delve into some window treatment solutions, and begin the discussion of Based on what we have discusses and your furniture plans  you will begin to "source" or look for the furnishings on the internet. We will provide a list of "resources", or furniture and accessory marketplaces to get started.  You can use any websites or stores  that you like . You will find your pieces and add them to a file to be made into a board later.   


Week Three

Color in interior design , This week we will get our hands dirty! We will delve into color mixing for interior design.  





Week Four

This week we will pull everything together. We have many, many fabric samples in the studio, but you may find your own and use them for your project. This week we will also go into what is called the Trade Only Interior Design Showrooms. Because of your interest in interior design I have arranged some private tours to showrooms that only interior designers and people in the design trade can use on their own. This is a real bonus because we will bring our  plans and try to find the missing pieces of fabric, trim, or a rug,  so we can finish our projects and put together our presentation boards.

Week Five

This will be a week of 

Fairfield County's Only

Interior Design Immersion Program 

For Teens &Tweens!

due to CoVID-19 Our Dates

& Venue may Change,

Or Cancel, Please stay In Touch.