Fairfield County's Only

Interior Design Immersion Program For Teens!


Held at the Yoga Studio

1492 High Ridge Road

N. Stamford, Ct. 06903

Let your Creativity Shine

with Interior Design! 

Does your son or daughter have a passion for interior design? Do you find them yearning to redecorate their bedroom? Have they moved on from drawing a dream house to decorating the real house? If you answered yes, then it's time to enroll them in Interior Design Zone!


In this fun, interactive and educational workshop, our team of supportive, enthusiastic design professionals will teach your kids the fundamentals of design and help them grow their passion and start to develop their own design style. This concise and engaging system offers a solid foundation and empowers young people to visualize their concept and creative talents within an amazingly short period of time! 

Four Week Certificate Program

Learn to talk the talk, and walk the walk!

  • Color Harmony

  • Floor Plans

  • Furniture Placement

  • Presentation Boards

  • Art

  • Excursions

!Don’t miss out on this unique and inspirational summer program – call us today